When are the City’s clean up days?

The City of Haines City has 2 clean up days per year, in spring and fall. This information is sent out in advance either on your utility bill or on the city’s website and social media.

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1. How many times a week will my household garbage be collected?
2. What should I do if my garbage was not picked up on my regularly scheduled day?
3. Where should I put my garbage can or recycle bin when it is not my scheduled day?
4. What will happen if I leave my garbage can out past my scheduled pickup day?
5. What if I was cleaning out my garage and I put my container outside my garage for a brief moment and then went inside my house to get something, but I was going to be right back?
6. What if a holiday falls on my scheduled pickup day?
7. I just moved into my new house and I need a garbage can and a recycle bin, how do I get one?
8. I need an additional garbage can, how much does it cost?
9. I have a bunch of items that I need to get rid of but they will not fit into my garbage can, how do I get rid of them?
10. What if my garbage can is stolen?
11. When are the City’s clean up days?
12. I have a dumpster or commercial container at my business and I need to change the service, how do I do that?