City of Haines City Plaque Program

The City of Haines City has established the Plaque Program as a standard for recognizing and honoring individuals, civic groups, or businesses who have made a significant contribution or impact on the City of Haines City. The installation of plaques affords citizens, businesses, Commissioners, etc. an opportunity to acknowledge and recognize those who have contributed to the overall welfare of the City of Haines City in some manner. The policy will ensure a thoughtful, consistent and appropriate process for memorializing, honoring, or recognizing individuals or organizations for their contributions to the City of Haines City. There are no set criteria relating to qualifications to be honored with a plaque. One item to consider before applying is whether or not the applicant has contributed to the overall well being of the City of Haines City.

Applications will be accepted January 1 - March 31 of each year. All applications received will be presented to the City Commission by the Parks and Recreation Director or his or her designee. 

Plaques can be placed at Ben W. Graham Park or at Lake Eva Park. Plaque nominators will have the option to decide which location they desire for the plaque to be located. 

Plaques will be a bronze 8" x 6" plaque with raised gold letters with a 24" angled stake mount.

Plaque Program Nomination Form

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