Tower 611

Tower 611

Tower 611 is a 2016 E One 95' Platform. It has a 2000 GPM Pump. The truck is set up more for rescue, it has multiple ground ladders and specialized equipment. 

Engine 611

Engine 611

Engine 611 is a 2015 Pumper that has a 1500 GPM Pump. It is set up more for fire attack with a 500 gallon tank and an assortment of fire hose.

Rescue 611 & Rescue 612

Rescue Truck

We have 2 Rescue Trucks, Rescue 611 & Rescue 612. They are both, 2015 Ford F-250's Super Duty. These trucks are set up for EMS calls and additional manpower when needed.

Brush 611

Brush Truck 611

Brush 611 is a 2007 Ford F-550. This truck is for wildland firefighting. It is equipped with four wheel drive for off road capability and is equipped with wildland firefighting gear. 

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